S@ifur's Passport to Grammar | সাইফুর'স পাসপোর্ট টু গ্রামার

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The book "S@ifur's Passport to Grammar" is strongly recommended for you if you want to learn grammar with meaning. Like other common books on the market, it not only teaches you a bunch of rules but also makes you accustomed to the rules with many examples before teaching the rules. It is very easy to learn grammar with the meaning of sentences.

Everything else we can get from this book :
- Lots of examples before learning each lesson, which will permanently ingrain/place the grammar in your brain.
- There are Saifur Sir's special techniques for reading and understanding each sentence in this book.
- There is an arrangement of an examination at the end of each lesson. And the answer to the examination question is attached at the end of the book.
- The questions of the last year of different varsity admissions/job examinations have been marked separately.
- Saifur Rahman Sir's various "Tips and Tricks" written by himself which you will find on different pages of this book will make learning your grammar easier.

So, this is an incomparable book for learning grammar easily. So if you want to learn English easily, order this book now.

  • Sagor Das


    Basic থেকে ইংরেজি শিখার জন্য এই বইটি অনেক উপকারী।