S@ifur's 4G Grammar | সাইফুর'স ফোরজি গ্রামার

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S@IFUR'S 4G Grammar:

4G grammar book based on Vocabulary is unique for those who have trouble reading large English sentences. Like the 4G grammar book based on Vocabulary written by Saifur Rahman Khan Sir for language learning, there is no other effective book. There are only a handful of grammar rules that we have learned throughout our lives, but these rules are of no use in language learning. Even when learning Bengali, we did not learn grammar before. Language can be learned better by practicing many more examples.

Everything else that we can gain from this book:
- This book teaches you how to translate many large English sentences correctly.
- Each sentence is given with the necessary word meanings to translate each sentence.

So this book also plays a very useful role in learning vocabulary. This book teaches you how to translate large English sentences. The questions from different years of different varsity admissions/job examinations are marked separately and the questions from different years are solved at the end of the book. Nothing could be more effective than this book for understanding the Bengali meaning of English sentences with satisfaction.

So, if you have trouble reading big sentences in English or have difficulty forming big English sentences, please collect this book now.

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    যারা বড় বড় বাক্যের অর্থ বুঝে না তাদের জন্য অত্যন্ত কার্যকরী একটি বই। আমি বইটি নিয়ে অনেক উপকার পেয়েছি।