Saifur's SSC English A+ | সাইফুর'স এসএসসি ইংলিশে এ+

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The book "Saifur's SSC English  A+" is very useful for students studying in 9th-10th. This is an incomparable book for solving all the questions of SSC.

Why this book is so important:
1. Each question is very nicely explained in this book.
2. Each line has been explained in detail with Bengali' meaning.
3. SSC solutions to the questions that come up in different years with detailed explanations.
4. Beautiful way to write a paragraph.
5. Nice way/steps to write an essay. Each step is beautifully explained.

The necessary vocabulary to read and understand big essays are available in this book. All the questions of the English 1st paper are given with different Bengali explanations. If students studying in class 9-10 have this book, they will not need to do any more tuition, or private/coaching, they will not need to read to any teacher InshaAllah.

So, students studying in 9th-10th grade should collect this book now without delay.

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